In this day and age of the digital world, we flick our thumbs for hours going through Facebook, Instagram, and our favorite sites. We are exposed to things we like to see, things we don't like to see, and then there are those posts that make you pause for a second. That's exactly what I want my photos to do for you! I want you to see them and be instantly drawn in, to take a second and look closer at whatever the subject is. I do this myself while I am in the field I keep scanning the area I want to shoot until I find something that truly draws my eye. I'm always looking for those things that give me the sense of awe.

With that being said I love stumbling on a photo someone shared and having that wow moment myself! Finding a new photographer to follow is almost as good as finding a great musician to listen to! When you go through the simple act of pressing the share button. Whether it's on facebook, a re-post in Instagram, or through a website. What that is doing is putting it out there for your like minded friends to stumble across beautiful imagery on their own accord.

I have such a deep passion for my photography that I can't deny, it gives me a little spark every time I see a photo of mine circulating. For me, it's not about the popularity or being the best at taking photos; it's all about captivating others and transferring their eyes from daily views to places they may not get the chance to see. So the next time you scan through your feed and say 'wow' looking at one of my pictures, take that extra second to hit share and spread the love with your friends and family!

Cheers, Chris Santos.

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